How to Report Incidents, Claims and Lawsuits

 When to Report:
Illinois Risk Management Services (IRMS) provides claims and risk management services for Medical Alliance Insurance Company. Incidents, claims or lawsuits (defined below) must be reported to IRMS’ Claims Department as soon as you become aware of any such event. An IRMS representative will review your report.

How and Where to Report:
You must report all incidents, claims, or lawsuits in writing by mailing or faxing a Notice of Claim form (click here for form) to the address or fax number listed below. You may also report by telephone if you would like an IRMS representative to conduct an immediate investigation, work with a claimant to resolve a dispute, or assign defense counsel immediately in the event of suit. However, all oral notices must be followed up with submission of a written Notice of Claim form in order to ensure coverage under your policy.

Claims Department/MAIC
c/o Illinois Risk Management Services
1151 East Warrenville Rd., PO Box 3015
Naperville, IL 60566
Telephone : 630/276-5857 Fax: 630/717-4776

What to Report:

  • Incidents: Incidents are events which might give rise to a claim or lawsuit. These include such things as surgical or medical errors, significant and unexpected adverse results and complications, as well as billing disputes that question the quality of your care.

    Claims: Claims include demands and requests for money or for reduction in bills because of complaints concerning your care. Claims may be written or oral.

    Lawsuits: Service of a Summons and Complaint.

  • Why Report:
    Your MAIC policy requires reporting and enables IRMS to manage the incident, claim, or lawsuit.  Once a timely report is made, coverage can be determined.  If covered, coverage will continue unless you do not comply with the requirements of your policy (such as failing to promptly report that a suit has been served upon you or failing to cooperate with the defense of a lawsuit). 

    If you have any questions or need to make a report, please call 630/276-5857. Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. If calling after hours, leave a voice mail message. Our fax number is 630/717-4776.





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