Coverage Options

Suspended Coverage
MAIC offers suspended coverage for a one to 12 month leave from your practice due to maternity leave, illness, travel or completing a fellowship. No coverage is afforded for direct patient care, but premiums are reduced by 75 percent during the leave.

Locum Tenens Coverage
Locum Tenens coverage is available for up to 90 consecutive days within one policy period, except for emergency medicine physicians who are limited to a maximum of 30 consecutive days. There is no charge for the first 30 days.

Part-Time Physician Coverage
Individual physicians who work part-time may qualify for significant premium reductions.

Resident Physician Coverage - Moonlighting
Resident physicians licensed to practice outside the residency program may be eligible for a special discounted premium rate.

Retired Physician Tail Coverage
MAIC offers a free extended reporting endorsement to any Named Insured who retires at any age as long as he/she has been insured with MAIC for ten consecutive years.  A free extended reporting endorsement is also available for Named Insureds who retire and have been insured with MAIC for a minimum of five consecutive years and who are at least age 55.

Tail Coverage for Disability or Death
MAIC offers an extended reporting endorsement at no charge to a Named Insured who dies or suffers a disability.

Newly Practicing Physician Coverage
MAIC offers reduced rates to physicians who enter medical practice for the first time, or who enter a new specialty for the first time after completing medical training. Special, discounted rates are available for the first four full years of practice if insured with MAIC from the start of the new practice.


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