MAIC Physician Risk Management Discount Program - Risk Advantage SM

MAIC offers its insureds a unique opportunity to work together towards common goals of:

  • Reduction of Risk
  • Preservation of Professional Integrity and Reputation
  • Prevention of Lawsuits
  • Improvement of Quality of Care

Through our Risk AdvantageSM program, an insured can earn up to an 8% discount on MAIC premiums, often earning continuing medical credits (CMEs).  Practical strategies to reduce and control practice risk can be learned and money saved at the same time.

Risk AdvantageSM discounts are available by completing any one of the risk management educational programs listed below.

Educational Programs Discount %
Risk Management Seminars or In-Services - to be announced periodically 1% per 1 hour of participation, maximum discount up to 4% per year
Online Risk Prevention Education made available by MAIC 1% discount per course completed, up to 4% per year

The Risk AdvantageSM educational programs are offered free of charge to MAIC insureds, and continuing medical education credits are available for most of the programs.Click here to go to Online Risk Management Discount Program.

Discounts earned are applicable only to the renewal term immediately following the policy period in which they are earned and do not apply to any future renewal periods.  No fractional percentages will be awarded and numbers will be rounded down, e.g. 3.5 hours of participation equals a 3% discount.

The discount for policies covering multiple physicians is taken off that portion of the premium applicable to the physician who participated in the educational program and thus earned the discount.  Contact Amy Tozzi, Director, Underwriting at 630/276-5658 or regarding eligible discounts for Emergency Department, Occupation Health, and Urgent Care physicians.

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