Policy Features

MAIC offers policies for individual physicians, professional corporations and partnership practices. (Corporate coverage is subject to an additional premium charge.) Per visit rated policies are also available for Emergency Room, Occupational Health and Urgent Care specialty groups.

Policy Limits
MAIC policies are written on a claims-made basis with limits of $1,000,000 per claim/$3,000,000 annual aggregate. Defense Costs are provided outside the limit of liability

Consent to settle
The policy is written with a full consent to settle provision

Medicare/Medicaid Billing Errors and Omissions Protection
Reimbursement for reasonable legal expenses arising out of Medicare or Medicaid investigations due to alleged billing errors and omissions. Coverage limit of $30,000, per physician, per investigation, with a $1,000 deductible.

Defense Reimbursement Coverage
Provides $500 per day up to 10 days each policy period for attending trials and depositions (other than your own).

Wide Range Coverage
The policy territory includes the United States, its territories or possessions, Puerto Rico or Canada as long as any claim brought against a physician is pursued in these jurisdictions.

Legal Expense Reimbursement
MAIC provides reimbursement for reasonable legal expenses incurred because of a Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation hearing or investigation. The maximum reimbursement which a physician may receive per proceeding is $25,000, and is subject to a deductible of $2,500.

Coverage for Employed (Non-Physician) Allied Health Professionals
Lab technicians, office nurses, and x-ray technicians are covered by your policy at no additional charge.

Coverage may be purchased on a shared or separate limit basis for the following: certified nurse-midwives, certified registered nurse-anesthetists, physician assistants, nurse-practitioners, dialysis technicians, psychologists and social workers, psychotherapist, orthopedic technicians/nurses, and OB nurses.

Policies are provided for a 12 month period. Premiums are billed in quarterly installments without installment charges. The annual premium is billed at 34% of the annual premium for the first quarter and 22% of the annual premium for the second, third and fourth quarters. There is also the option of paying the annual premium in full.

 The information provided on this website is for information purposes only and is not a solicitation to transact any business of insurance in any state where Medical Alliance Insurance Company (MAIC) is not licensed to conduct such business.  MAIC is only licensed to transact the business of insurance in the State of Illinois.  Information about the policies and practices of MAIC are summaries only and subject to the actual language of the policies and rules.

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